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Representative Tom Brinkman Primary and Secondary Education

               The event took place on 1-May-2017 at the Anderson Center.  It was by invitation only from people who
               took Rep. Brinkman’s constituent survey and indicated that Primary and Secondary Education was a top
               4 concern.  Seventeen people attended the roundtable.

               Initial introductions
               We began with introductions in which participants expressed what they saw as needs or problems in the
               areas of Primary and Secondary Education:

                   •  Funding and charter school oversight.
                   •  Economically disadvantaged students falling through the cracks.
                   •  Special needs and gifted education.
                   •  Access to consistent education (income / geography).
                   •  Over testing.
                   •  Resource drain for a small population (ex: certain special needs cases).
                   •  Directives from the State Board of Education.
                   •  Kids being ready for school.
                   •  Poverty.
                   •  Early childhood education.
                   •  Too many disadvantaged students.
                   •  Too many failing districts.
                   •  Proper allocation of resources.
                   •  Teacher reward and incentive approaches.
                   •  Inequality between districts.

               Initial electronic profile questions

               A series of electronic response profile questions was asked after introductions to understand differing
               Kids in primary or secondary school

                   •  75% of attendees did not have a kid currently in a primary or secondary school.

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