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•  Most saw the situation as getting worse.

               Findings from initial electronic profile questions
               From the initial electronic question input, we realized the following:

                   •  Most did not have a student in primary or secondary school
                   •  Most were not teachers or involved in primary and secondary education as a field.
                   •  Most saw the current situation as in-the-middle but getting worse.

               Sentiment – Which needs or problems should we focus on?
               In the next segment, we selected, from a list of 10 items, the top 3 to which we would dedicate time in
               the roundtable.  Each participant could pick up to 3 items on the list.  Only one item was selected by
               more than ½ of the participants (STEM).  Four items were selected by 7 of 16 participants (42%).

               We discussed the results and chose to focus on the following three items:
                   •  We need to improve in STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
                   •  We need to address Standardized Testing (this was added and was closest to the item: We
                       need clear standards to assure parents can see where their child stands).
                   •  We need to address the disadvantaged students (this was added and did not align directly to
                       any of the 10 areas on the original voted on list of 10).

               We dug into each of these to identify ideas for action and measurement that Rep. Brinkman might be
               able to affect.

               Action and measurement
               The group came up with recommendations for each selected need or problem and some measurements.
               These aligned to “recommendations” and “substantiation.”  Each is presented below.

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