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Possible Action                             Possible way to measure effectiveness
                Reduce testing to no more than 1 standardized  Get feedback from teachers and principals.  Less
                per year. 2-3 days max of testing.          teaching to the test.

                Have end of year subject exams in final week
                of school.
                Involve local educators in looking at testing
                redundancy and create a more local plan.
                Use teacher evals. and written papers vs.
                standardized multiple choice tests to evaluate
                State Board of Education to evaluate and    Feedback form educators and parents.
                eliminate ineffective tests (bottom 25%).
                Better defined standards, tutoring, ACT prep in  See better results on fewer tests.
                high school etc.
                Have focus groups of teachers to get feedback
                on best approach to testing and ways to
                Have clear goals on how tests results will be   What action or purpose does each have?
                Stop changing the tests every few years so   Better see trends and gaps.
                there can be continuity.
                End Common Core testing / standards.        Determine strategy more locally.
                Have a simple regimen of 1 test at 6th, 8th and
                12th grades.
                Study what has worked in other states.
                Eliminate current state testing.  Have Ohio   Measure anxiety in students due to testing.
                experts determine 1 set of state tests.

               The group highlighted these as the most interesting from the points above:
                   •  Evaluate the effectiveness and purpose of existing tests.
                   •  Have goal clarity for each test (why is it being done, what happens based on the results).
                   •  Don’t standardized test every year.

               Of the ideas put forward, there is some analysis (and perspective from Rep. Brinkman):

                   •  Rep. Brinkman believes we need to move back to more local control.
                   •  He favors moving back to Iowa Basic tests that measure skills and are done only in certain years.
                   •  By moving to a long-term test, we will have much better comparative results based on millions
                       of students over time.  So, the results and “bell curve will be more meaningful.

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