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Selection 3: We need to address disadvantaged students
               The ideas from the group included:

                Possible Action                             Possible way to measure effectiveness
                INVESTMENTS: Increase $ into disadvantaged   More spending.  See a correlation of spending and
                districts.  Equal funding in all districts.  performance in disadvantaged areas.
                Incent students
                Change funding model / less focus on property  See more of an evening out (ex: Property tax as a
                tax.                                        lower % of total spending).
                District equality (funding, quality of      Look for improvement in results (graduation, test
                education).                                 scores).
                                                            Comment:  How would this impact places where
                                                            parents have elected, for example, to pay more taxes
                                                            for better schools (as a choice) vs. those where
                                                            parents will not pay more?
                TEACHERS: Get teachers to move to           See improved results from students.
                disadvantaged areas. Increase teacher       Comment:  Why would teachers do this?  Don’t they
                compensation.  Add teachers (lower ratio).  (like any person) tend to move to the best possible
                                                            environment for them and their families?  How much
                                                            additional compensation would motivate quality
                                                            teachers to disadvantaged districts?
                Add before and after school programs and    Have kids better prepared and use schools to keep
                early childhood education.  Have universal   them away from bad influences (ex: after school) or
                preschool.                                  unsupervised situations.
                Add mentoring programs and / or free tutoring. See improved scores and results.
                                                            Comment: Do these districts have ready quality
                                                            tutors available?
                Add services such as healthcare, laundry at   Comment:  What is the boundary between "school"
                school.                                     and "home."  How would these services relate to
                                                            other programs (ex: Medicaid or EBT).  What should
                                                            we expect of schools (How wide is their mission?).
                Fund infrastructure improvements (better    See an improvement in learning environment and
                buildings / facilities / etc.).             results.  Better facilities to address different
                Raise the minimum wage so fewer children in  Comment: What % of kids have parents earning
                poverty.                                    minimum wage?  What is the skill issue that has left
                                                            adults with kids at minimum wage?
                Have government / schools offer a holistic   Comment:  Is this feasible?  Who provides these
                approach to housing, nutrition, healthcare,   things vs. receives them.  Does the school essentially
                nutrition, preschool, tutoring, mental health   become an "orphanage" for some?

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