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Representative Tom Brinkman Healthcare Roundtable
               The event took place on 20-March-2017 at the Anderson Center.  It was by invitation only.  Twelve
               people were invited based on having taken Rep. Brinkman’s constituent input survey.  Nine confirmed
               their participation.  Seven (and one guest) attended in-person.

               Initial introductions

               We began with introductions in which participants expressed what they saw as needs or problems in the
               areas of Healthcare:

                   •  Need coverage and care for the disabled.
                   •  Need to address coverage for young adults reaching 26 years and without jobs providing
                   •  Problem of cost when self-employed.
                   •  Problem of insurance company red-tape and responsiveness to whoever has the persistence to
                       keep calling and pressing.
                   •  Need the incorporation of “functional medicine” into the healthcare system.
                   •  Need for access and more choice.
                   •  Need to improve electronic medical records.
                   •  Problem of obesity and poor nutrition.
                   •  Problem of affordability.
                   •  Need for maternal child care.
                   •  Need more competitive coverage options.  More state openness.
                   •  Need to protect people on Medicaid and in “gaps.”
                   •  Need accountability (for overuse of services, etc.).

               Initial electronic profile questions

               A series of electronic response profile questions was asked after introductions to understand differing

               Assessment of current situation

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