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Selection 1: We need to improve access to healthcare
               The ideas from the group included:

                Possible Action                         Possible way to measure effectiveness

                Mobile vans to provide healthcare to    (1) Use of the vans, (2) reduction in disease /
                underserved areas.                      emergency room etc.
                Transportation for elderly to appointments.  Question: Is this already a service offered?
                Allow more choice (less mandated elements /  Coverage increases.
                allow more HSAs).
                Pre-natal and postnatal nurse visits.   (1) Reduce SIDs, (2) healthier babies
                                                        Question:  Is this available / provided already for
                Clinics in schools for primary care / prevention. More primary care visits.

                Expand Medicaid eligibility.            Increased % of people "covered."
                Marketing program to educate and inform.  Have some back-end survey to assess awareness and
                                                        measure increases.

               Of the ideas put forward, there is some analysis (and perspective from Rep. Brinkman):

                   •  Several involve investment in medical professionals (who may not be available, for example, to
                       start school primary care clinics), or new resources (ex: people to drive elderly to
                   •  Medicaid has already been expanded.  It is not likely there is any appetite (ex: money) for
                       additional expansion.  In fact, the costs associated with the expansion already are a concern for
                   •  Educating and testing improvement in awareness of services is something that could be acted
                       upon and improve the use of existing programs.
                   •  Allowing more flexibility in plans (to the degree it can be done at a State level) could be
                       actionable and increase access.

               Interesting side thought:  Today we think about healthcare insurance in terms of covered and not-
               covered procedures vs. more simply as coverage of expenses to certain limits beyond a deductible
               amount (like most of what we otherwise think of as insurance).  In areas such as auto insurance, states
               set simple minimums.  In healthcare, however, there has been a temptation to define broader lists of
               specifically required services to be included.  How might that impact the number of providers in a
               market or choice and what is the responsibility of the individual to pick from options (vs. have the state
               determine which options they must have)?

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