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Selection 2: We need to promote and incentivize healthy lifestyles and preventative care
               The ideas from the group included:

                Possible Action                        Possible way to measure effectiveness

                Provide healthy lifestyle coaches.     Improve (1) statewide BMI index and (2) lower # of
                                                       Question:  At this point, when everyone knows being
                                                       overweight and smoking are bad, why do so many
                                                       not act?  What would really cause them to act?

                Credit for low use of healthcare insurance / $s  Lower healthcare spending.
                to promote accountability.
                Campaign against smoking and e-cigs.   Fewer smokers.
                                                       Question:  Given federal campaigns, the tobacco
                                                       settlement, high prices, etc. why do we think a smoker
                                                       still smokes today?
                Nutrition consultant by phone / internet.  Lower (1) heart disease, (2) obesity and diabetes.
                                                       Question:  A wealth of information is available online
                                                       already.  What would this offer in addition to what is
                                                       online now?  What impact would it have?
                More education and discounts for participation
                in health related programs.
                Enhance availability of healthy food in food   Decrease in obesity.
                deserts via govt. subsidy (public / private
                partnerships) to encourage markets.
                Incentivize being at a good weight and   Question:  What incentives would really be effective?
                exercising.  Cover dieticians as preventive   Obesity would seem to be a dis-incentive as would
                care.                                  dying young.  If that is not incentive enough, we need
                                                       to understand what would be a real incentive.

                Include and embrace "functional medicine."  Lower healthcare costs and outcomes using more
                                                       holistic approaches including supplements.
               Of the ideas put forward, there is some analysis (and perspective from Rep. Brinkman):

                   •  Several involve resources (both money and people) that may not exist (coaches, nutritionists,
                       dieticians) and would be complex to monitor and measure if part of a “State” program.
                   •  The most actionable may be to address nutritional food availability and incentives for
                       participation in health-related programs (ex: exercise).

               Interesting side thought:  Several of the questions inserted in the table above get at why people do not
               lead healthy lifestyles.  Obesity is not fun.  Heart disease is not fun.  As the role of government has
               increased, these problems seem to have become worse.  Why and are there things government does in
               the spirit of helping that actually contribute to the problem?

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