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•  I don’t think there is a “state” down solution.  We need to empower local districts while
                          having clear requirements and some common-sense approach to testing.  The bureaucrats in
                          Columbus or in Washington cannot solve for that.
                       •  To me an example of how it goes wrong is how the state uses standardized tests to evaluate
                          and reward teachers.  It causes over testing and then everyone claims the objective tests are
                          not fair evaluators.  I agree.  In a normal business, the boss evaluates employees and hires
                          and fires.  If they are unfair, it creates a bad environment and they struggle to get people.
                          What is my point.  We need to give power back to the local level.  I agree, you will have some
                          principals make bad decisions on evaluations but I think the few times that could happen is
                          much less of an issue than all of the negative results of our over-testing, state bureaucrat
                          controlled approach today.
               9.  What does the transition from current standards to new ones look like? What supports will be given
                   to districts to accomplish the transformation?
                       •  I believe the state should have requirements and support a consistent, common sense, test
                          approach across schools.  Past that I think the districts should have much more say.
                       •  We have created a pattern of the state setting some sort of standards, forcing them on
                          schools and then needing to support the change.  It creates a weird environment.  How
                          weird?  Some districts want standards changed not for the benefits to kids but because they
                          create a funding opportunity.  Those schools take the money and then assume by the time
                          the standards are to be implemented, there will be new standards again.
                       •  That model supports constant change and instability.  I think we need to break that model
                          and get back to local districts making decisions based on their own needs and their own

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