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In his remarks, Rep. Brinkman stated he supports charter schools for their role to keep kids from falling
            through the cracks who have fallen out of the system.  He believes some do a good job and some do not.  The
            ones in NE Ohio have been more of an issue.  He indicated he is against Common Core.  He is generally for
            vouchers.  He spoke of going back to Iowa Basic Skills tests and HB 181 to alleviate over-testing and teaching
            to the test.

            Audience questions and comments included:

               •  That the right techniques in the public schools can prevent / reduce falling through the cracks.
               •  Concern that OGT is still teaching to the test.
               •  Belief there should be one test a year (at the end).
               •  We need to ask schools doing well what is working and why (ex: schools where 98% go to college).
               •  There was talk of ERB in the Fall and IQ testing to understand gaps in the past.
               •  The State Board was referenced as disorganized.  It is not including teachers and schools properly.
               •  There was concern that charter schools are not being held to proper standards.

            The closing electronic question (and result) was as follows:

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