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Some points for action / collaboration / follow-up included which Rep. Brinkman accepts are:
               •  We need to shrink / eliminate BAD charter schools (ineffective, abusing the system).
               •  We need to act to improve vocational education.

            ENERGY and ENVIRONMENT
            These were noted as areas to address within the agenda:

                   •  Renewable energy
                   •  Clean air and water

            The opening electronic question (and result) was as follows:

            In his remarks, Rep. Brinkman stated that an issue with global warming is that many people actually see a
            warmer climate as better so they are not that invested in action.  Rep. Brinkman handed out information on
            progress in Ohio on the use of non-coal energy sources.  It showed that from 2010 to 2015, coal declined
            from 82% to 59% of Ohio energy production. The source that grew the most was natural gas from 5% to 23%.
            “Green” grew from almost nothing to 2%.  Rep. Brinkman stated he supported moving from mandates to
            goals.  He also had a handout on new natural gas plant construction.  One of the plants (Middletown) is in SW

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