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Audience questions and comments included:

               •  The audience was very concerned with environmental issues and there were many comments
                   reflective of concerns such as:
                       o  Climate change is like WWII and needs to be taken seriously and people need to be prepared
                          to sacrifice.
                       o  Gas (methane / natural) has its own problems and is not a fully / truly “clean” alternative.
                       o  Fracking is causing earthquakes.
                       o  Flooding being caused by warming is an increasing issue especially where it concerns sewage,
                          etc. backing up.
                       o  If we do not address the issues, we will see food shortages and other calamity in the future.
                       o  There should be mandates on renewable use etc. It is too important to not act to move
                          people towards different energy sources.
               •  Participants gave Rep. Brinkman some background material to review including articles, a letter, etc.
            The closing electronic question (and result) was as follows:

            Some points for action / collaboration / follow-up included which Rep. Brinkman accepts are:

               •  Rep. Brinkman will study the 30+ pages of materials provided on environmental issues.
               •  He believes that non-mandated increases in the use of renewables is good and those efforts should
                   be encouraged and promoted.

            RIGHT TO WORK
            These were noted as areas to address within the agenda:

                   •  Pending bills

            The opening electronic question (and result) was as follows:

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