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Some points for action / collaboration / follow-up included which Rep. Brinkman accepts are:

               •  Rep. Brinkman does not support increasing taxes in Ohio on the wealthy or businesses.
               •  He does support reversing the downward trend in the local fund (driven by Kasich).
               •  He is not completely closed to fracking being taxed at a higher level but not at levels above
                   surrounding states.  He supports fracking investment in Ohio.
               •  Rep. Brinkman believes that the funding of ODNR and the EPA (for example) should move in the
                   future to include a GRF element (not just fines and fees).  He originally supported the all fee and fine
                   approach (when it was introduced) but sees it has become problematic and limits control.  He would
                   favor moving to a three-legged stool (fee, fine and GRF).

            These were noted as areas to address within the agenda:

               •  Medicaid expansion

            The opening electronic question (and result) was as follows:

            In his remarks, Rep. Brinkman stated that the Medicare expansion has taken place and will not be rolled back
            in the budget.  He supports several provisions to limit / better prioritize Medicaid such as a work
            requirement.  He fears out of control Medicaid cost and growth.  He spoke about his personal increase in
            insurance cost and increased deductibles after the ACA.

            Audience questions and comments included:

               •  Some found Rep. Brinkman’s comments on his personal premiums concerning in that he should look
                   at the bigger picture for all and that his premium increases may have been much less under the ACA
                   than they would have been without ACA.
               •  There was concern that more needs to happen in schools for kids needing healthcare.
               •  There was a comment that Kasich wanted to cut the Medicaid threshold from 138% of the poverty
                   line to 100%.  Per Brinkman, that was not what Kasich wanted and it was not going to happen but
                   that he (Brinkman) would support such a change in light of runaway cost.
               •  There was concern about the challenges for people needing paid meds that seem to be happening as
                   a result of the opioid crisis.  For example, the need to get prescriptions filled every few days or
                   weekly.  Brinkman commented on the challenges the opioid crisis is creating in which theft of pills is a
                   big issue.  He understood the concern but struggles because there are no easy answers and it is truly
                   a tragedy.

            The closing electronic question (and result) was as follows:

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