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Some points for action / collaboration / follow-up included which Rep. Brinkman accepts are:
               •  Rep. Brinkman opposed the Medicaid expansion in Ohio and sees it bankrupting the state on its
                   current path.  We need a sustainable approach in this area.

                •  Closing comments (Martha)
                          o  Martha thanked all for participating.  She also thanked Chris for moderating.
                •  Closing comments (Rep. Brinkman)
                          o  Rep. Brinkman closed and addressed a few other items in his closing comments.  One
                              main thing was the drawing of districts.  He pointed out that balancing districts puts both
                              sides reps at risk.  But, that any future redistricting would likely impact predominantly
                              black districts the most but that the voting rights act is a trump card that will prevent
                              such changes.  His point, ultimately, was that redistricting is not a simple issue and in
                              Ohio there are many factors.
                          o  Rep. Brinkman thanked all.
                          o  Participants still there after the close took a picture with Rep. Brinkman.

            Additional Questions
            The following questions were provided (in writing) after the event:

               1.  How will public schools be financially viable if the voucher program expands? Where does the money
                   come from?
                       •  The voucher program impacts schools that are graded as failing.  So, a first point is for those
                          schools to act to prevent attaining that designation.  Additionally, I support changing some of

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