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Selection 3: We need to be part of a push for cross-state lines access to coverage
               The ideas from the group included:

                Possible Action                          Possible way to measure effectiveness

                Maximize choices across Ohio (within the   Availability of plans across the state.  Basic plan and
                state).  Be able to buy plans across Ohio.  add-ons.
                Work with surrounding states for cross-state   Availability of plans regionally (across a few states).
                More plan choices that can work across state   Improved competition and options.
                Allow Ohioans to shop for doctors across state  More affordability.
                lines.                                   Question:  In a view of insurance as a network of
                                                         doctors and facilities, how would this work since the
                                                         doctor's across state lines would be "out-of-
                Remove federally based restrictions.     See lower premiums.

               Of the ideas put forward, there is some analysis (and perspective from Rep. Brinkman):

                   •  Several of the ideas are quite complex due the view of insurance as a “provider network” with
                       predefined (pre-negotiated) services and rates.  In that model, on which our system is currently
                       based, it is very hard to consider networks across broad regions or to move towards a concept
                       of “cost reimbursement / payment” regardless of provider (and a more competitive pricing
                       model).  So, several of the points are very difficult at the state level.
                   •  One interesting idea, though would be a plan or plans available statewide that may only be
                       effective for a certain % of the population (lower expenses) but could help foster openness and

               Interesting side thought:  Some types of insurance (ex: auto) provide incentives to use preferred
               facilities but do not mandate their use.  They might set reimbursement / payment based on using the
               preferred provider or provide an incentive (lifetime warranty on a covered repair).  Are there principles
               in other types of insurance that could be useful to consider in healthcare?  How about in retail where
               providers offer “price match guarantees”?  How could pilot approaches change the model (or begin to
               change the model) to a less monolithic approach for some and result in more competition that benefits

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