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•  Returning tax dollars to cities, counties, townships and municipalities

            The opening electronic question (and result) was as follows:

            In his remarks, Rep. Brinkman stated that he supports a three-legged tax approach (property, income, sales).
            Rep. Brinkman is generally anti-tax. He supports the reduction in brackets in the current budget (from 9 to 7).
            He would like to have just one bracket.  He has opposed changes in the local fund and stated that in the
            current budget they are not further reduced (which Kasich wanted).

            Audience questions and comments included:

               •  We are not properly taxing fracking (consistent with other states).
               •  The funding model for departments such as ODNR and the EPA (fee and fine) is inadequate and
                   constrains them being effective.
               •  We have cut taxes too much and are at risk of becoming Kansas which is an example of cutting too
                   much and adversely impacting future potential.
               •  Due to cuts in the local fund, property taxes are being relied upon too much.
               •  Sales tax is regressive and hurts the poor.  It has increased as local funding has decreased.

            The closing electronic question (and result) was as follows:

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